Established 1996

4t Consultants started in 1996 when Directors Ian Rankine and Bronwyn Reid returned to Australia, and following many years working overseas.

Our Objective

Provision of reliable data, information and knowledge to managers who influence production, environmental and sustainability outcomes.

Core Business

Ensuring reliable data is available to stakeholders, and Managers so that informed decisions can be made for sustainable environmental issues and strategies.


One of our first projects in Australia was a major, multi-year project in partnership with the State and Federal Governments – the Integrated Area Wide Management Project.

The core IAWM Project aim was to ensure that reliable data is available to all stakeholders in a major river catchment, so that informed decisions can be made about environmental and sustainability issues and strategies.

The extensive reach of the IAWM Projects throughout Queensland led to 4T being requested to monitor landholder environmental and sustainability impacts, so the practices could be improved over time.   This work led to further contracts with resources companies as that industry increased its footprint across Queensland.


Professional & Business Services – Award Winner 2019.


As 4T has grown, we have added expertise and experience to our team, as well as forming strong alliances with selected specialist providers of management, environmental and sustainability services and products.

4T Director Ian Rankine has continued his overseas consultancy work in close cooperation with Tropical Crop Consultants Ltd. TCCL is committed to best-management practices for long-term sustainable production in plantation and tropical agricultural crops.

While our company has grown, our commitment to these principles has never changed:


Inducted into the Hall of Fame – Award Winner 2019.

We will always work to the highest standards of ethical and scientific integrity.

4t | Highest Standards

Continually listening, learning and improving ourselves, our systems, and the experience that our clients have while working with us.

4t | Continuous Improvement

We will always make a positive contribution to natural resource management and sustainability, and not merely point out problems

4t | Solutions

We will always leave behind some good wherever we work – actively contributing to our community.

4t | Active Contribution

We will always make a positive contribution to natural resource management and sustainability, and not merely point out problems

4t | Natural Resources Management

Safety for ourselves and our clients is part of everything we do, not just a policy on the office wall.

4t | Safety is everything we do


As a result of our commitment, our clients know they can rely upon the data, information and advice that we provide for their production, planning and compliance decisions.

4T continues to manage environmental, sustainability, technical research projects and provide advice for clients ranging from major Corporates to small businesses and individuals.  4t is proud to have provided services to the following companies and organisations over the years.


Thank you Ian. I really appreciate all you guys have done to help us on this matter, not to mention the professional service on the water monitoring program.

Executive Director | Shenhou International Group


The experiences I have had with 4t – Bronwyn, Ian and their team on various projects, continues to set them apart, far beyond the general crowd of environmental consultants and field operations.

Director | Enviro-Check Enterprises Pty Ltd


“4T are a very professional and friendly consultants and demonstrate a commitment to safety.
4T have also again demonstrated their commitment to ensuring monitoring and reporting commitments are met.”

4th September 2019 | Performance Review Comment