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By Ian Rankine

Apologies … 
 Wow.  I’ve just realised that we haven’t written a post for quite some time!
No excuse – the whole team has just been very busy, but that’s not an excuse to stay silent! So what have we been doing that’s kept us away from posting?

  • Recruited two new team members – Anthony and Julie – who are getting up to speed
  • Started working with six new clients on varied projects
  • Progressed in developing our new interactive dashboards for reporting (see below)
  • Finished constructing our new canopies and trailer to make fieldwork easier and more efficient
  • Installed new monitoring stations in preparation for the wet season
  • Conducted three surface water quality training courses
  • Undertaken another large spray drift investigation (unfortunately)
  • 4T Director Bronwyn has completed and launched her new book Small Company, Big Business, and organised a conference for the Queensland Rural, Regional and Remote Women’s Network
We are also very happy to report that 4T Consultants was a finalist in two categories at the Central Highlands Development Corporation Business Awards in October, and a winner in one category.

Interactive Scientific Reports

4T implements new data visualisations

Everyone who has a mobile phone or computer knows that there are new apps and software available on an almost daily basis.  So much so that it’s hard to keep up sometimes.  A lot of it isn’t relevant to us, but some of these advances are proving truly useful.

4T is continually on the lookout for simple, robust tools that will help our clients to better use their data and we’ve been working with a new one we’ve found that allows us to easily create interactive data visualisations

This new reporting feature allows clients to view historic data via creative visual charts, tables, graphs and many more presentation formats that can be customised to each specific EA or client requirement.

Making better decisions
But simply creating pretty charts is not the object of this exercise.

The aim is to improve our ability to turn Data into Information, Knowledge and Wisdom, so we can make better decisions.

Being able to drill down in to data and easily make comparisons means that data sets become much more than a set of numbers that you need for compliance.


A collection of Groundwater bores with results from the previous 5 years
Interactive dashboards allow you to rapidly select different time periods


Interactive Data is the way of future

This approach to data visualisation protects the source data, while giving clients the ability to produce the reports that they require to make informed decisions.

If you are interested in learning more about this style of reports, please contact 4T Consultants directly.

Is it that time already?

Where did the year go?  

The whole 4T team would like to thank our clients, suppliers, and professional associates for another wonderful year – the year in which we celebrated 20 years of business.

To our new clients – thanks for choosing our team, and entrusting your work programs to us. To our continuing clients – thanks once again for your continued support.  Some of you have been with us for the entire 20 years of our business journey or very close to it, for which we are grateful.

So, after a very busy 2017, we are looking forward to enjoying a brief break over the Christmas period.

Ian has reached a milestone birthday this year and will be celebrating this Boxing Day by relaxing (is that possible?) on a yacht in the middle of Sydney Harbour for the start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race.

Bronwyn will be sitting with her feet up, champagne or wine in hand, cheering from the peace and quiet of the hotel balcony!

The remainder of the team will be spending some well-deserved time with family and friends.

We hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends.  Stay safe, and we look forward to starting afresh in 2018.

DEC 22nd 2017 – JAN 1st 2018
For the first time in 20 years, 4T is actually going to be closing the office over the Christmas break.  

Our reminder to spread some Christmas love to local heroes …

Even though our rescued joey Peter Roo is now healthy and leading the life of a grown-up red kangaroo, the work of the CH Wildlife Carer Group continues, and they still need your support.

To support the CH Wildlife Carer Group financially, with your time or other resources, please contact them directly:

24/7 hotline:   0475 288 301
Email:             chwildlifecarers@gmail.com
Facebook:      https://www.facebook.com/centralhighlandswildlifecarers 

About ian-rankine
Ian Rankine is the Managing Director of 4T Consultants, a boutique environmental management firm located in Central Queensland, Australia. Ian also has an extensive background in tropical agriculture, having worked throughout SE Asia, the Pacific and Africa.