4 T Consultants4 T Consultants

What is 4T all about?

4T has been operating since 1996. We specialize in helping clients to obtain economic and sustainable production from natural resources, with the least environmental disruption that we can manage.

We recognize that, in order to exist on this planet, we have to utilize the resources around us – our soil, water, air and minerals.  But we also recognize that we have a duty to do that sustainably so we can share them with coming generations.

Our contribution to doing just that is providing management, scientific, sustainability and environmental services to the mining, agricultural, gas and urban sectors.

Our commitment is to consistently provide our services to the highest professional, technical and ethical standards. We work closely with our clients to enable them to make planning and production decisions based on accurate and reliable data and information.

4T works with, and manages projects and research for clients ranging in size from major corporates to small businesses and individuals who need reliable science, data and information.  We use innovative and independent approaches to natural resource management, to achieve profitable and sustainable outcomes for our clients.

Where does 4T work?

4T is based in Emerald, Queensland, but has a much wider footprint than just our local area.
Our team work throughout Queensland, serving our agriculture, mining, oil & gas, government and industrial client base.

4T Director Ian Rankine has many years of experience working throughout the Pacific, South East Asia and Africa, and continues to provide consultancy services to the plantation agriculture industries.