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Waste management

Waste Management

Waste generation is an inevitable consequence of any business activity.  Best practice management minimizes waste, and these waste management strategies must meet all statutory requirements.  

Well planned and effective waste management strategies will reduce costs, as well as minimize any potential liability and/or prosecution of individuals and companies.

4T has worked with numerous companies to address specific waste problems and wherever possible to recycle/reuse the by-products and or waste for beneficial uses.  

Potential Applications of Waste Management: 

  • Reuse of waste water for irrigation and crop production
  • Reuse and recycling of waste discharges and liquid by-products
  • Management and reuse of drill waste from CSG and exploration drilling activities
  • Composting of waste from drilling, industrial and urban waste
  • Management and reuse of waste and produced water for agricultural and other uses
  • Management and reuse of feedlot waste for beneficial uses
  • Waste audits and recommendations for improved waste management.

Because each situation is different, we work with each individual client to address their site-specific waste problems.  Our aim is to solve their particular issue, and find innovative ways to recycle, reuse and/or to minimize the cost of disposal, whilst meeting all statutory requirements and corporate policies. 

Our successful waste management projects (e.g. drilling waste recycling) have resulted in significant savings for clients and produced more sustainable outcomes.

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