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By Ian Rankine

Decisions made on water samples can have very long-term consequences

As a result of requests, we are holding another Surface Water Quality Training Course in Emerald on Wednesday August 17th.

If you are undergoing or expecting a DEHP audit, this course is what you need.  The course is an accredited unit in the Certificate III Water Quality Monitoring Course and satisfies the DEHP “Appropriately Qualified” requirement.

The one day course objectives are:

  • to help people to understand the importance of water quality, and how we measure and assess quality
  • to ensure that every sample taken is accurate, reliable and repeatable.

Decisions made on water samples can have long-term and expensive consequences

We know that the water quality sampling that we, and our trainees, perform is used for making important and expensive planning and management decisions.

Decisions that can have very long-term effects on our water ecosystems.

So it’s important that sampling techniques are correct, and that people taking samples understand exactly why they are doing so.

Limited places are still available, so phone the 4T Office on 07 49824100 or email admin@4t.com.au

 Download the Course Brochure here

About ian-rankine
Ian Rankine is the Managing Director of 4T Consultants, a boutique environmental management firm located in Central Queensland, Australia. Ian also has an extensive background in tropical agriculture, having worked throughout SE Asia, the Pacific and Africa.
Surface Water Quality Training – August 17th