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Groundwater Mapping

Groundwater Identification & Mapping

An innovative new groundwater service:

4T has recently teamed up with Sydney-based company  (Geo9) to provide a scientifically based approach to the location of groundwater. As a result, our groundwater location capabilities can now assist landholders to identify sites with potential groundwater reserves. 

Geo9‘s groundwater exploration service is highly affordable compared to drilling non-productive holes, and we believe more reliable than traditional manual divining.  

Together, the 4T- Geo9 team take the guesswork out of drilling and groundwater management – with expert geological advice, scientifically proven methods and 3D aquifer mapping. 

Changes in groundwater reserves can be monitored over time using our techniques.  The surveys can also be put to use to identify and monitor dam and water storage leakages.

Groundwater gushing from newly drilled bore hole.

The welcome sight of water gushing from a drill hole in Central Queensland following a 4T-Geo9 survey

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