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By Ian Rankine

We’ve made some changes to the upcoming series of  Getting To Know Your Groundwater Workshops, so check the schedule below to make sure you have the latest information:

1.  Two additional workshops have now been added to the schedule:

April 8th          Clermont

April 10th        Rolleston

2.  Change of venue – the Middlemount Workshop on March 8th has been changed to Dysart.  

The full Getting To Know Your Groundwater Workshop schedule now is:

  • March 1st     Taroom  (Joint workshop with AgForce)    Bookings:  Andrea Beard 46273859 andrea.beard@dcca.net.au
  • March 2nd   Injune    (Joint workshop with AgForce)    Bookings:  Andrea Beard 46273859 andrea.beard@dcca.net.au
  • March 8th    Dysart                                                                 Bookings:  Marina Wall 04328 985440 or 49857511  mwall@capcatchments.org.au
  • March 10th  Rockhampton                                                   Bookings:  Marina Wall 04328 985440 or 49857511  mwall@capcatchments.org.au
  • April 8th      Clermont                                                           Bookings:  CHRRUP 49822996  admin@chrrup.org.au
  • April 15th     Rolleston                                                           Bookings:  CHRRUP 49822996  admin@chrrup.org.au


Please make your booking at least a week before the event.  We’re providing morning tea and lunch, so you don’t want to miss out on the food.

Download the Taroom and Injune Workshop Brochure

Download the Dysart, Clermont and Rolleston Workshop Brochure

Download the Rockhampton Brochure

Groundwater is one of Australia’s most precious, but least understood, natural resources.  21% of the water used in Australia is Groundwater, so it forms a vitally important element of Australia’s economic prosperity.

The biggest use of Australia’s groundwater is for agricultural production, so it’s not just the quantity of water available that matters to our agribusiness sector – it’s the quality as well.

To help landholders to understand this valuable asset, 4T Consultants has developed a “Getting to Know Your Groundwater” Workshop.  The workshop was originally developed by Fiona Murchie as part of her participation in the National Rural Women’s Coalition E-Leaders program.  It has undergone an update and we are very pleased to be presenting the workshop throughout Central Queensland in early 2016 in conjunction with the Fitzroy Basin Association,  the Dawson Catchment Coordination Association and Capricornia Catchments.  Groundwater experts will be joining the workshop via Skype, so participants will have the opportunity to ask questions.

For the first two workshops, we will be joining forces with AgForce as well, for a full day of groundwater training and information. AgForce will be presenting an Adanced CSG Negotiation Workshop, to bring workshop attendees up to date with the latest developments in groundwater regulation in Queensland.

The dates for the workshops that have been confirmed so far for the first half of 2016 are:

  • March 1st     Taroom  (Joint workshop with AgForce)
  • March 2nd   Injune    (Joint workshop with AgForce)
  • March 8th    Middlemount
  • March 10th  Rockhampton

More workshops are planned for other centres, but the dates have not yet been confirmed, so we will post updates as they become available.

For booking details for the Taroom and Injune , download the brochure here.

These workshops are supported by the Fitzroy Basin Association through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme – Sustainable Agriculture.

About ian-rankine
Ian Rankine is the Managing Director of 4T Consultants, a boutique environmental management firm located in Central Queensland, Australia. Ian also has an extensive background in tropical agriculture, having worked throughout SE Asia, the Pacific and Africa.