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Soil Surveys and Assessment

Land & Soil

Soil and sediment sampling can range from single, one-off samples for a contamination investigation, to wide-ranging baseline soil surveys prior to the commencement of a development project.  

Erosion and Sediment Control Plans also require soil surveys to identify erosion risk areas. These plans describe the measures that must be implemented to minimize the potential for erosion and sediment that may impact upon the environment. 

Practical Applications of Soil and Sediment Sampling:

  • Soil surveys and characterization
  • Agricultural land assessments and classifications
  • Environmental Impact Statement soil assessments and surveys
  • Soil and land suitability assessments
  • Baseline soils studies and mapping
  • Erosion and sediment control (ESC) assessments, planning and reporting
  • Strategic Cropping Land (SCL) assessments and reports
  • Salinity and contaminated land assessments
  • Assessments and characterization of waste materials(e.g. tailings, NAG, PAF, ARD)
  • Recommendations for reuse, recycling or disposal or waste soil and materials.

In addition to these applications, 4T has conducted specialized research and assessments to solve site-specific soil management issues for clients. We have teamed up with soil specialists who can provide  additional higher level specialized services and expert advice.  

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